4 Signs Of A High-quality Watch

Unless you or your family history are in the jewelry business, it can be tough to differentiate a great watch from a cheap imitation or knockoff. Worse, there are actually respected and certified brands that do not sell good watches. After all, price is not always an indicator of quality. Simply dropping hundreds of dollars for something that sounds Swiss will not guarantee that you are taking home a great product.

Watches might seem outdated, as timepieces are on phones, walls, electronic ticker signs, televisions, and so much more. However, the classic beauty of a watch–a miracle of engineering that dates back centuries and remains a symbol of class, sophistication, and maturity–cannot be forgotten. Watches are as popular as ever, which is why it is as important as ever to be able to distinguish quality from average or poor products. While some names in watch design and manufacturing, like Tag Heuer, can always be trusted, you can at least enjoy the discerning and choosy demeanor of your shopping experience. Here are 4 clear signs of quality watches.

1. A Respectable Weight

A heavy watch is a reliable watch that is surely made with dense, high-quality materials. Essentially, a heavy watch feels good in your hands. The minute pieces and machinery of which a watch is comprised should add up to a fair amount of weight. Of course, it will never weigh you down, but it should feel solid and tough.

2. The Brand

If you are using a quality watch as an investment or a potential family heirloom, then you should know one fact that will always be true of watches, if not all pieces of fashion: a good name equals great value. While ordinary watches lose their value over time, watches with a great brand name will actually appreciate in value as they graciously age. Again, many of these brands are respected for a reason. They have earned their place on the top of the watch industry. Of course, the name of a watch is just one gear in the machine. There is more to it than just that.

3. The Sweep

If you have ever heard anyone mention the “sweep” of a watch as a sign of its quality–something like the legs in a red wine or the horsepower of a sports car–you might have wondered what this means. The sweep of a watch is its second hand’s ability to glide, rather than tick. Believe it or not, the ticking sound associated with many watches or stopwatches–imagine the theme to 60 Minutes–is actually a sign of average quality at best. A finely-constructed watch will tick several times a second so that the audible result will be a sweeping sound.

4. Its Accuracy

A watch should be right on time. If this is not obvious, nothing is. A good watch will rely on gears and springs–if not a delicate, cut crystal like quartz, hence the quality of quartz watches–to keep accurate time. The Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute, an organization that rigorously tests the accuracy of watches, has found that even after several decades of use, a great watch will remain within 10 seconds of exact time. If being off by 10 seconds sounds like the mark of a bad watch, then consider just how difficult it is for a piece of machinery to stay close to exact time with many years of repetitive, precise, and complex functions. They are bound to become a few seconds off as time skips ahead. A poor-quality watch, meanwhile, can fall behind or tread ahead by several hours.

Remember the signs of great watches above and you will be an educated and prepared watch shopper. When you investigate a Tag Heuer or other watch of brilliant quality, you will find that all of the above characteristics are present. Needless to say, these great watches will stand the test of time.

Croton Watches That Stand Out To Discerning Collectors

The story of the Croton Watch Company begins in Southern Italy in 1878. The ancient town for which the company was named was known for producing Olympic champions of unrivaled spirit and strength. Hundreds of years later, an ambitious young businessman used its name in his new enterprise.

Italy was not known for its watches. Art, architecture, fashion, and food is what they did best. It was Switzerland, and specifically its city of Geneva, that was viewed as the world capital of horology. There was just one problem—it was too crowded! By the end of the 19th century, timepieces where the country’s number one export and competition had never been fiercer.

As a result, many experienced watchmakers decided to relocate and ply their trade in a less cluttered environment. Most moved to small cities and towns in the Jura Mountains in Switzerland and France, others moved farther south, into Italy.

The Croton Watch Company hired a small group of Swiss masters and began producing high-quality timepieces in Italy. Since there was less competition and they made a superior product, Croton quickly established itself as one of the top watchmakers in the country. Though they never did become a worldwide brand, their company was known and respected by watchmakers the world over.

Croton muddled on in the wake of the quartz revolution of the 1970s. These electronic watches from Switzerland and Japan nearly put an end to a three-hundred-year-old trade. It seemed the times were changing and that horology was a thing of the past. But some old-world watchmakers refused to throw in the towel. Croton survived as a regional brand in Italy until 1991, when they were offered a unique opportunity.

Watchmakers are a stubborn lot. They hew to old traditions and believe that what they do is not only a trade, but an art. No machine can take the place of a trained artisan and no tool can reproduce the work of a true master. It is as simple as that. Fortunately, the public agreed, which is why companies like Croton survived as niche player in a shrinking marketplace. That was until Nationwide Time offered them a deal they could not refuse.

The two companies had next to nothing in common. Nationwide Time was an American watch manufacturer with only thirty years of experience, while Croton had been around for over a century. But the company was in desperate straits and the deal worked out for both parties.

Croton gave Nationwide Time what it had always lacked: experience and legitimacy, and Nationwide Time gave Croton what it had never had: a first-rate distribution network. Before long, Croton became an international brand that eclipsed the million sales mark for the first time in its illustrious history. The following is a brief list with descriptions of a few of their most popular new models.

Two-Tone Automatic Dive Watch

The most recent incarnation of the company does an admirable job of incorporating both old and new technologies and designs in their timepieces. Automatic watches have been around for well over two centuries. They are also known as self-winding watches, since they do not rely on batteries or winding to power them. Rather, they are powered automatically when you move your arm.

What happens when you sleep? Automatic watches from Croton are so well designed that they will run for nearly a day without movement. So, if you leave your automatic watch in a drawer, it will switch to battery power after twenty-four hours. The appeal of automatic timepieces is that they are made by masters to last. Unlike disposable quartz (digital) watches, an automatic watch can last for decades, even though it has hundreds of moving parts.

The two-tone automatic dive watch from Croton is a handsome, durable watch that will impress in the office and on the water. The stainless steel dial and mineral crystal cover protect the timepiece in up to 660 feet of water. The bold black dial with gold Arabic numerals and white hour indices are nothing short of striking. There’s even a calendar window beside the three o’clock hour marker.

Stainless Steel Quartz Watch

Quartz movement has been king since the 1970s. If we were a little hard on this electronic technology a little earlier, perhaps we got carried away. Whenever a new technology replaces or nearly replaces an old one, it is natural to observe it with a jaundiced eye. Quartz has its fair share of strengths and weaknesses. The good news is that these watches are accurate, reliable, and cheap, especially when they are made with quality materials.

The stainless steel Quartz Watch from Croton is one of their most popular models. It features a stainless steel round case with a distinctive orange bezel that stands out in a crowd. The black dial displays luminous white indices at every hour, with the exception of the 3 o’clock marker, where a handsome date window is positioned. The hour and minute hands are silver-toned, as is the stainless steel bracelet that fastens securely with a fold-over clasp.

Mondaine Watches: All You Need To Know – Woodruffs

Despite, the undisputed popularity of these watches many are still unaware of how it all began. Mondaine is actually a Swiss based watch company. This is one of their earliest and most renowned watch companies which has managed to uphold this popularity the world over. Since 1951, they have been serving their world wide customers with their famous designer Mondaine watches. These are available in a widespread range of designs. The designs of these watches are so unique that they hold the honor of being displayed in museum anthology all around the world which includes the Museum of Modern Art in New York. One of their watch models made a new sales record which lead a huge demand for their watches in all of the major markets.

Wrist watches play one of the most important role in both men as well women accessories. In fact wearing a wrist watch just completes the whole look of a person. There are a variety of designs in the Mondaine watches which will synchronise with your unique style. You may get yourself a watch designed for professional use, likewise if you are a young girl then also you can get your hands on the funky and trendy design of the wrist watch. So, what to expect from their designs? Well, chic designs along with modern usability and timelessness. The elegance and the simplicity black hands on a white face can only compliment a ladies wrist and this is often commented on by admirers and other ladies who. From the rounded dice face to the square ones, you are sure to find a Mondaine watch that best suits your all sorts of requirements.

The ladies range are a great gift to present to your friend, girlfriend, your fiancée or your wife and even your daughter or sister. You may buy a Mondaine watch which is unique and has the designer appeal to it or you may simply choose from the multiple shapes, sizes, colors and designs that are available in their product line. You can also gift these watches to your parents on their anniversary or as a Christmas present. You are sure to find some amazing stunners from the Mondaine range which will also be within your budget. There are many reputable outlets from which to buy a Mondaine watch and they have authentic distributors all over the world. Furthermore, you can buy from reputable websites that sell reliable and authentic Mondaine watches. You can browse online and check out the numerous designs, compare the prices and place your order. Nevertheless, whenever you are buying their wrist watch you should make sure that the source which is selling their products is completely authorized, original and authentic. The best method of avoiding such confusion is to order directly from their very own website. However, if that seems a little expensive (as it might include shipping cost) you can always contact them and ask for the address of their authentic dealer in your area.

Mondaine Watch Review: Which Suits You Best? – Woodruffs

The Mondaine watches have gained gigantic popularity ever since they came into being. The fans of the Mondaine wrist watches are all over the world. The Mondaine brand has become associated with fashion and timelessness in one graceful design which makes. This is basically one of the earliest Swiss based watch companies and also one of the most widely renowned ones. All over the world, they have managed to build a strong customer base that is ever looking for their unique and modern designs. This watch company holds the pride and honor of having their wrist watches displayed in the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Their watch models have broken previous sales records and have seen a boom in the demand of their watches.

We all love to wear wrist watches right? Hence, here is a Mondaine watch review. These serve as the most elegant, trendy and fashionable accessories which are also highly functional. Mondaine watches come in a widespread variety of styles, designs, colors and sizes. Every different design will highlight your different look. You name it and they have it whether you are looking for a wrist watch that you need to wear everyday to your work, or you desire a watch which will act as the modern and chic accessory to be worn at a party. You will find some stunning pieces that are sure to complete your look for any occasion. Their modern designs represent the modern men and women of today. This brand has become a label of modernity combined with elegance. If is complements you are after, you are bound to get them with Mondaine. The elegance and simplicity will grace a delicate feminine; and a large muscular male wrist can only be enhanced by the rugged elegance of the larger Sport design watches. It is all down to your taste and your ability to experiment with your accessory.

Having talked of the unique and distinctive designs that they offer, let us now get to the Mondaine watch review in terms of usability and features other than designs. The Mondaine wrist watches not only offer their wearers the chic look but these are also embedded with a lot of other realistic features that any other wrist watch would offer. You can find a rugged and accurate chronometer style wrist watch which is water proof to almost a diving depth, made in nickel free stainless steel. If you want one with a leather strap or band then also you have a lot of options to choose from. Many of their wrist watches display the date and day, and the beautiful movement of the analogue watch displays Swiss watchmaking skills at their best!

Serious Swiss Legend Watches For Collectors

Collectors of fine wristwatches know that wearing a quality timepiece is about much more than simply being able to tell the time. For one, we can see what time it is in many ways these days. You can look at the screen of your laptop, glance at your cell phone, or take a peak at your MP3 player. But a watch can represent worlds beyond its primary function.

The designers at Swiss Legend know that their wristwatches are admired for much more than their intrinsic qualities. They produce miniature works of art that are finely tuned and gloriously displayed. This is why the most discerning collectors know that watches from Swiss Legend are among the very best. Here are a few examples of Swiss Legend styles that are among the most sought-after on the collectors’ market today.

Swiss Legend Men’s Throttle Swiss Quartz Chronograph Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch

The Throttle is a sleek and stylish timepiece that fits in perfectly at the office, around town, or anywhere else you may need to go. Starting off with a stainless steel case embossed with silver-tone coloring, it wraps around a screw down carbon fiber bezel and features function pushers on the side.

The dial itself showcases Arabic numerals at the quarter hours and index markers at every other hour position. All of these indicators are luminous for ease of view. Swiss ISA 8172 Chronograph movement keeps this watch ticking away with expert time.

You can see a seconds sub-dial next to 2:00, a window showing the date at 4:00, a sub-dial with the day of the week above 6:00, and a chronograph sub-dial at 10:00. It hooks to your wrist via a push button deployant clasp on a 316L stainless steel bracelet. Push your style to the max with the Throttle.

Swiss Legend Men’s Scubador Swiss Quartz Chronograph Leather Strap Watch

There are certain qualities that discriminating collectors look for in a watch. They search for style, functionality, and a special something that differentiates a watch from the rest of the pack. The Scubador from Swiss Legend has all of these elements and more.

The dial comes in either gold-tone or rose-tone and is surrounded by a circular 316L stainless steel case. The bezel rotates in a single direction and features a scale with numbers and index markers in black.

Arabic numerals denote the even-numbered hours, while luminous silver-tone indicators rest at the odd positions. You can check up on chronograph sub-dials at 2:00 and 10:00, while a seconds sub-dial makes its home at 6:00. The date is also featured in a small window near 4:00.

A Swiss G10.211 quartz chronograph keeps this watch ticking and it straps to your wrist via a fine genuine leather clasp. Make an impression today with the Scubador.

Swiss Legend Men’s Reserve Swiss Automatic Date Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch

Looking for a dynamic watch that will show off your sense of professionalism and class to your colleagues in the business world? Turn heads during your next big presentation when you are sporting this sleek style by Swiss Legend.

The stainless steel case encircles a dial that comes in either champagne or copper colorings. You can even catch a glimpse of the Swiss Automatic movement through the exhibition back of the case. Luminous index markers in silver-tone denote all the hour positions except for 12:00, 3:00, 6:00, and 9:00.

This watch is water resistant at up to 330 feet. Still, you should do a check-up every year or so to make sure it is still working properly. Look at the crystal to make sure it doesn’t have any cracks in it. You can also inspect the packing that surrounds the crown and case backing to make sure it is still sealed. If you notice anything that looks suspicious, take it to a professional to have them make the repairs.

Swiss Legend Women’s Bella Swiss Quartz Diamond Accent Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch

Of course Swiss Legend also offers incredible styles for women who know a high quality watch when they see one. This exciting option is perfect for a romantic night on the town or just to spruce up an otherwise ordinary afternoon.

The stainless steel case comes in either two-tone or rose-tone and has 100 white diamonds that shimmer around the bezel. The rectangular dial can be purchased in black or white. It has dynamically curving Arabic numerals that stretch to fill the corners of the rectangular dial. These numbers appear everywhere except for 3:00. There, a date window sits.

Swiss Legend has been producing incredible watch styles for men and women for many years. They are fully intent on continuing to provide these fantastic products for many years to come. Get on board with the brand that collectors know and trust. Make your next watch a Swiss Legend.